The esteemed NPF Microfinance Bank, represented by the manager sokoto brach, Mr. Dare Oguntiyi, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to visit Northwest University Sokoto, a prestigious institution of learning. During the visit, Mr. Oguntiyi provided the stakeholders with a detailed history of NPF Microfinance Bank, which originated as a Community Bank in 1993 and has since evolved into a public liability company offering a range of products.Mr. Oguntiyi highlighted the bank’s competitive interest rates and charges on loans and services, as well as its diverse account options and structures. He emphasized the importance of saving for retirement, particularly with the introduction of a retirement product at NPF Microfinance Bank.

In response, Prof. Ahmad Maigari expressed a keen interest in the retirement/pension scheme offered by the bank and encouraged staff and students to consider opening accounts with NPF Microfinance Bank.
The visit was attended by the Registrar, Mal. Umar Musa Garun Babba, as well as the Deans, HODs, and a representative from the Public Relations department, Mal. Zahraddeen Dahiru.
This press release reflects the professional and informative nature of the visit by NPF Microfinance Bank to Northwest University Sokoto.
Asma’u Muhammad
public relations.


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