Representing the Vice Chancellor, Dr Mukhtar Hassan led a delegation of the university to the event which took place in sokoto. The event aimed to address the urgent need to sustain and develop the Sokoto State library, which is currently facing collapse. As part of the event, a tour of public libraries, including the physically challenged library, E-library, and model school library, was led by Dr. Kudirat Abiola, the chairperson of the occasion. During the tour, Dr. Abiola highlighted the importance of revitalizing public libraries and the benefits of encouraging students to use these facilities, which are at risk of becoming inactive.
Representatives of the university, including Dr. Mukhtar Hassan, Malama Asma’u Muhammad and Library staff, expressed their support for NLA’s efforts and acknowledged the importance of libraries. They also shared that Library and Information Technology (LIT) is a pioneer course currently being offered at Northwestern University Sokoto, demonstrating the institution’s commitment to library development. Additionally, they assured NLA of their readiness to partner in the rehabilitation of libraries for a better future.
The event brought attention to the crucial role of libraries in the community and emphasized the need for collaborative efforts to ensure their preservation and development. NLA and NWUS are dedicated to working together to address the challenges faced by public libraries and to create a more vibrant and accessible library system, said Malama Asma’u Muhammad.
Malam Zaharaddeen Dahiru
Public Relations.

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