Once upon a time in the heart of Sokoto, there lived a remarkable man who had dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge and the betterment of his community. Professor Ahmad Ibrahim Maigari, the pioneer Vice Chancellor of Northwest University Sokoto, was a man of extraordinary vision and determination.
As the 5th member of the Association of Nigerian Geographers (ANG) to hold the esteemed position of Vice Chancellor, Professor Maigari was no stranger to leadership and excellence. His distinguished demeanor, mentorship, and tireless work ethic earned him the admiration and respect of all who crossed his path.
For over two years, Professor Maigari had steered the ship of Northwest University with unwavering commitment, and under his leadership, the university had flourished and achieved unparalleled success. His tenure had witnessed an influx of over 120 sponsored students, courtesy of the Sokoto State government and esteemed elders who were revered as pillars of education in the region. Professor Maigari’s efforts had ensured that these students were given the opportunity to pursue their dreams and make a meaningful impact in their communities.
Furthermore, Professor Maigari had spearheaded numerous collaborations and partnerships with over a dozen institutions and stakeholders, all in a bid to foster educational growth and sustainable development. His dedication to expanding the university’s reach and influence was unparalleled, and his ability to bring people together for a common cause was nothing short of extraordinary.
Despite his many achievements and accolades, Professor Maigari remained a humble and down-to-earth man who respected the opinions and contributions of others. His simple and approachable nature endeared him to all, and he was regarded as a beacon of wisdom and inspiration to both students and faculty alike.
In the heart of Sokoto, the name of Professor Ahmad Ibrahim Maigari echoed with reverence and admiration, serving as a testament to his remarkable leadership and unwavering commitment to the betterment of Northwest University and its surrounding community. His legacy would stand as a shining example of what one individual could accomplish through dedication, vision, and a profound love for knowledge. Truly, Professor Maigari was a man whose impact would be felt for generations to come.
Malam Zaharaddeen Dahiru
Public Relations
Northwest University Sokoto.

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